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Here's how to pay for your order. Please note that orders will not be processed if marked as awaiting payment. Currently, we can only accept payments via bank deposit and money transfer. Items such as gadgets can be payed on a cash basis during meet-up but f you feel uncomfortable bringing money with you, you can transact the payment through Bank Deposit. Before making any payments make sure to have a notification message from us to confirm if items are available.



          Bank Name | BDO
              - Arjie A. Belhot
              - 11650029533



         Pera Padala | Palawan
              - Arjie A. Belhot
              - 09362068744                     


Note: Don't forget to attach your proof of payment in the chat box.  If you don't message us your proof of payment, your order will not be processed. Please pay in exact amount for excess will be forfeited.