Warranty Agreement

Jack Online guarantees 7Days Replacement Warranty by replacing the defective iPhone with an equivalent or an upgrade of the purchased item and 30Days Store Service providing limited assistance within the given period of time.


Criteria for Replacement:

  1. The defective iPhone is an original unit purchased from Jack Online.
  2. An upgraded replacement has to be issued if and only if the item is not available in store and if the customer opts not to wait for restock. The customer agrees to cover price differential during change item and or if he/she opt to upgrade for another unit.
  3. The customer agrees to a 14-day allowance upon return of the unit for the seller to secure a replacement should the item not available in store.
  4. Unit replacement is eligible only when unit is not charging, mouthpiece & receiver is not working, and touchpad is not responsive.



Criteria for Voiding of Warranty:

  1. Damaged caused by material or foreign objects in the ports.
  2. Catastrophic damage caused by user’s abuse.
  3. Inoperability caused by installation of unauthorized software.
  4. Damage caused by installation of unauthorized modifications.
  5. Warranty sticker MUST BE KEPT INTACT, dili pwede matangtang, mahanap, nor magisi until maalisdan imong unit if ever may factory defect.
  6. If natangtang, nagisi, or nahanap ang warranty sticker, replacement is voided even when purchased on the same day. We will assist you in finding a technician for further checking – customer will shoulder repair costs.
  7. Accessories and GPP chip (if existing) are NOT covered with warranty.
  8. We strictly DO NOT issue refund for purchased & reserved items.


The limited warranty start date is the date of purchase. This document is REQUIRED in case of warranty coverage inconsistencies and MUST be presented upon service. We at Jack Online reserve the right to decline request for iPhone replacement if any third party technicians are involved. Once surrendered for replacement, the purchased unit shall become the property of Jack Online.


I have READ, UNDERSTOOD, and AGREED with the above Terms & Conditions and all other conditions stated herein.